How to build fancy GUI?

  • I'm searching for a controller to use with my soon to come mysensors network, and I like some of the stuff I see in MyNodes.NET. I have a question for the user side GUI. And by that, I mean this:
    This is all well and nice, if you just want some basic config/view on a small screen like a phone etc. But it is a very depressing/clinic look. Eventually, I'd like to build an awesome GUI to display and operate my sensors. (Who wouldn't?) And by that, I mean something with gauges, huge buttons and pictures arranged to my liking.
    Is this possible with MyNodes.NET? Or are you meant to use some other project for this part? (Eg. a front-end for the controller?)

    What did you have in mind?

  • Somebody tried to connect blynk to MySensors? Blynk have awesome highly configurable GUI:

    alt text

  • @Morten-Kvistgaard

    hmm most easiest way is to change the views yourself! its just a little bit of HTML

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