Send RelayActuator state back to gateway

  • I have modded a sonoff with the mysensors firmware and added a feature that switches the light on and off by using a gpio pin. The problem is that I can't find a way to tell my gateway the updated state of the relay. If I turn in on from my Vera gateway but then turn it off with the physical switch it still shows as "on" on the vera, which makes it confusing. Is there a way to update it?

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    @nicomedia said:

    way to tell my gateway

    Guess you mean the controller?

    It should be enough to use the send-function like in any other example-sketch.

  • @hek Thanks for the help, but I think I explained it wrong. I wanted my sonoff relay to send the updated state of the relay when I use the physical switch, because it updates the status on the Vera only when I turn it off and on from there. From what I read I can only use the send function to control the relay, but not to send its state back to my Vera.

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    The send-function is used to send updates to the controller, in your case the physical-button-switch-change. Doing the send, does not control anything on the node itself.

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