water level sketch info

  • On the Build section of my sensors under moisture, there contains a sketch for soil dampness, but I wish to use the water level sensor, for a sump pump back up.
    I noticed it has an analog output and the soil sketch is for digital o/p.
    Is there a sketch I could use with my setup to use as an alarm/level reporting to my serial gw and verlite controller.

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    Have you checked out the Distance sensor?

  • I'm planning on setting up a similar setup to top up a header tank for toilet water from a large tank. I have a couple of floats and a distance sensor.

    My initial idea was to use the distance sensor to trigger pump but I now think I'm going to use 1 float to trigger the pump when the header thank is low and the 2nd float will be at the bottom the large tank to stop the pump running if there is no water left. I will use the distance sensor to update a display inside the house to show how much water is in the storage tank.

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