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    In another thread I asked about financially supporting the efforts for the board_development_site that Hek is working on, and it made me think why have I not done so for the MySensors project. I started looking around and what do I find, a Donation Link on the main page..

    Not sure if others have noticed (I'm mainly in the forums) this but I thought I would bring it to everyone attention. 🙂


    If we forget about all the hard work that goes into maintaining the site (which we should never ever do), the actual costs of just keeping the lights on has to be a fair chunk of money every day, month and year.

    **So if you are like me and have benefited from this site why not make a small donation to help keep the lights on. I guarantee it will make you feel good 🙂 **

  • It could also be a better time now for the T-shirt campaign! Combine donating and getting a cool t-shirt..

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    @Nuubi For a lot of those t-shirt campaigns you need a minimal amount to be "sold". If you do not make it, no donations can be collected. And to order 100's of t-shirts yourself (the more the cheaper) you first need a budget and could be undoable. A Donation button would be the best.

    I do agree, a t-shirt donation is always cool!

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    Thanks @ServiceXp

    I have launched a new t-shirt campaign. Perfect x-mas gift for the spouse 😉

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    @hek Cool!

  • only two more needed 🙂

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    Yeah! I'll order one for myself.. So basically only one more needed!

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