What does a newbie need to integrate sensors with OpenHab?

  • Hi all,

    I am new to MySensors and have been reading thru the website for several days trying to figure out what is actually needed to get the sensors working with OpenHab. I see many references to different types of gateways (serial, ethernet, etc), the use of MQTT, and the reference to several bindings.

    I guess the basic question is: what is actually needed to integrate sensors with OpenHab?

    My current setup consists of a Raspberry Pi 3 running the openHABian image from OpenHab. I would like to continue using this setup, and was thinking about connecting the radio (NRF24) directly to the Pi so I wouldn't need another gateway (ESP8266, Ethernet, etc). It is my understanding that the openHABian image already includes MQTT, and has an MQTT binding built in.

    So, would I need any other type of gateway interface? Can't the Pi just keep the received messages internally and route them to/from the local MQTT broker?

    Why is there an OpenHab MySensors binding? Is this needed to translate the MySensors message protocol into something that OpenHab can understand?

    I have tried to find tutorials regarding this type of setup online, but without success. (Some try, but assume too much knowledge to truly be a tutorial.)

    I would appreciate any information that would help clarify the OpenHab/MySensors interface.

    Thank you!

  • Since you attached a nrf24 directly to your pi, I presume you have all your sensors connected eith nrf24 as well.
    You could use a serial gateway. I updated my documentation yesterday on how I do it. You can find it on the same sub forum you posted this.

  • Thank you for the reply!

    I have not yet connected any sensors since I just recently found this website. I like the idea and have ordered parts, but it will be a while before they arrive. But yes, I am planning to connect all the sensors with the NRF24 radios.

    While I wait for parts, I am trying to determine the best why to interface with OpenHab (which I already have installed on the Pi3). I have been playing with OpenHab for a short while and am no means an expert.

    I have reviewed the postings that you mentioned (I saw the before but was confused by it). I appreciate you pointing it out again and for keeping it updated. I will need to figure out what I will still need to do since OpenHab is already on my Pi3.

    I am curious as to why you prefer the serial interface over the MQTT? Many references that I have read suggest that MQTT is more flexible. However, since the "only" interface with OpenHab is the Pi3/radio, I suspect that the serial interface is more straight-forward.

    Thanks again!

  • A year ago I tried to get some sensors going for the first time. Tried mqtt 1st, but failed. 2nd was serial. That worked. In the end it doesnt matter. When it works, you don't have to look at it anymore. You can just power up new sensors and they will pop up in OpenHAB.

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