OH3, RPi3, GPIO-NRF24 gateway. MySensors binding (ETH or MQTT?)

  • Im a newbie with mySensors. Got interested a few years ago but never got to spend the time to get it up and running. My current system basically consists of RasberryPi3, OH3 and 433Mhz-Nexa-modules (Rfxcom/usb-gateway) that works without any problem.

    Now I would like to integrate a relay-board (to control my house ventilation - FTX) into the system as well as some different temp/humidity-sensors and was thinking to do that through MySensors.

    System consists of RPI3 + Openhab 3.1.0,
    The gateway is the GPIO-mounted module based on NRF24L01+ (https://www.mysensors.org/hardware/rpi-gw-nrf)
    Followed the steps presented here to get it up running https://www.mysensors.org/build/raspberry
    The OH-mySensors-binding is the one provided by @vores8 in separate thread (https://forum.mysensors.org/topic/11482/oh3-mysensors-binding/114)

    With a lot of effort and forum-reading I believe the system is fully up and running although Im not 100% sure as I have no sensors yet (thats next step for me).

    My questions
    My first impression was that the OH-Mysensors-binding no longer was supported and therefore went with the MQTT-based GW. Now I see the binding is working (although not officially supported) and so ETH should still be an option. Should I go for MQTT or ETH based gateway solution and whats the pros and cons?

    Next question. I understand that solutions based on NRF24 is somewhat outdated and a solution with RFM69 is preferred. Should I stop right here and switch for a system based on RFM69 instead?

    As i have no sensors in the system yet, is there an easy way to test the system? Thinking a PC-based MQTT-client that supports mySensors-format? (i already found the MQTT-explorer that I think will be helpful).


  • Replying myself after more reading and testing.
    *MQTT vs ETH probably is equivalent in my system, if the choice if given I think MQTT is preferred.
    *NRF24 or RFM69, maybe both as I already have a bunch of NRF24 radios home and can start build directly.
    *PC based MQTT could be an idea, but probably its as easy to work through an Arduino-example using the serial monitor in an Arduino-environment.

    My way forward will be:
    Remove the RPi-GPIO-gateway (I built a basic node and tested it, but could not communicate with the GW) and replace it with ESP8266-based WIFI/MQTT/Radio-gateway (one with NRF24 and eventually one with RFM69).

    I believe that will be an easier way into mySensors-world also limiting the amount of required Linux-related knowledge. It will be easier to debug the system from Arduino IDE-serial console. Ie start and confirm OH3 to MySensors-MQTT-gateway, then proceeding with sensor to gateway communication etc.

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