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    I've been on MySensors for some time now, and during this time I "evolved" from a guy that normally added a new outlet to my house, to someone that now understands a "bit" more of electronics and even developed and build my own IOT devices/nodes. This has been a hell of an experience, and I only have to say thank you to all the staff, developers, and community members that help not only this project grow but also all of us (intellectually and in this hobby).

    I know that the main focus of this community is not to make a profit, but lets face it, every thing in this world needs a bit of juice ($$$) to make it flow. So I came up with an idea, why not add a way to sponsor this project? Something like Patreon or a membership? It would be totally optional, but the members would have access to for example give aways or something. And what would you guys do with a money? Easy free beer... 🍺 πŸ™‚ ...

    The money could be used to pay for hosting (damm this things can get expensive when a community grows... respect @hek) or to help guys like @tbowmo (sorry to all others just the first name that got to my mind when I was typing) to develop new prototypes and get them at low prices to all of us!

    Basically this post is only to say thank you to all of you guys that helped this community get where it is, by developing the software or by developing the hardware (too many people to name in openhardware.io.

    255;255;3;0;18 (this is nerd...)

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    You always have the option of donating to the upkeep of the project, with the use of Paypal.

    I don't feel that it's optimal to spread across too many platforms for donations.

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    @tbowmo yeh I know that! The main purpose of this topic was to give out my thank you to all the community. I remembered the "subscription" (I didn't wanted to use this work because it sounds like obligation, and that is not what I intended... but I think that my English vocabulary is starting to fade out... ☺ ) because I had a active role one a community a long time ago and from my opinion it was always better to have a 10 users subscribing 1 dollar monthly, that 1 user donating 50 dollars randomly! Membership its always a way to bring people closer to the projects and helping out πŸ˜‰

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    Thank you for the warming post @Soloam.

    I've tried to keep the monthly costs to run the community as low as possible (~150 USD/month for hosting, domains and email services).

    The paypal donations is a welcome income, but as you say it's very sporadic. The last 12 months , we received 18 donations with the total sum of $369. From what I've seen, many of them is from reoccurring donors.

    The community wouldn't be able to cope with the costs solely on donations. But luckily the google ads gives ~2-300 USD/month. (even when ~50-70% of our techie user base have ad-blockers enabled, rendering us nothing).

    So my suggestion is that everybody who enjoys this community makes sure to whitelist it in their ad-blocker. πŸ€—

    And of course... I hope everyone wants to be added on the ⭐ hall of-fame! ⭐ (let me know if you want to use your forum handle instead of real name in the support page)
    You can also choose "reoccurring payment" when doing a paypal donation if a $1-month-model suits you better.