Thanks for helping @seeers at Github. Still no communication issues to report, so just two additional remarks on the MCP2551 usage following some short tests on that: They also seem to work at 9600 Baud and also using the MySensors standard (AltSoftSerial at PINs 8 and 9) is possible. So for now, I'd recommend everybody thinking about new nodes to give this type of hardware a try. The only disadvantages may be the limitation in payload - but that seems not to be any practical issue in the use in an MySensors environment they might be more sensitive in crossing BusHigh and BusLow connection, so make sure all highs are on the same wire and also all lows My favorites are kind of violet modules. Didn't come across them earlier, so I'd see all PINs on one side as a modest point for improvement. As there are also no resistors at all, just pads for soldering, there's also not the need of starting with desoldering unnecessary parts - just make sure, you have the right stuff to add .