@thom4s said in [SOLVED] STM32F103C8T6 bluepill clone - RFM69HW SPI port 1 and ILI9341 SPI port 2 not working together: o myself. Problem were in wrong definition of IRQ pin in sketch. But, as I found out STM32F103C8T6 has SPI 1 running on 72MHz (for SPI max 72/2 = 36MHz) and SPI 2 36MHz (for SPI max 36/2 = 18MHz) so it were a stupid idea to wire TFT display to SPI 2 port which is slower than SPI 1 with RFM69HW which doesnt need so fast SPI. Therefore I switched radio to SPI-2 and TFT display to faster SPI-1. Radio SPI-2 and TFT ILI9341 SPI-1 wiring I'm having the same problem with NRF24L01 + ILI9341. TFT is on the SPI2 , its working but NRF24L01 on SPI1 doesnt work the moment i call tft.begin. Its not hardware related. something is wrong when i initialize the spi in the Adafruit_ILI9341_STM::begin Any thoughts?