@berkseo said in EFEKTA Temp&Hum sensor(ver. nRF52832 )+E-Ink display: @magpern said in EFEKTA Temp&Hum sensor(ver. nRF52832 )+E-Ink display: Seriously!!!!!!!!!!!!! It cannot be true!!! I have just ordered PCBs and all needed stuff to assemble it, and now the code is gone!!! Please post the code again, or make it available on alternative sites.. please. It is hundreds of dollars to waste otherwise! The project will remain open, like others. I was in a bad mood that day:)... The rules of the site administration are reasonable, and the decision to open the project was mine. Code for Arduino IDE - https://drive.google.com/file/d/13wmxCt9XehJr1E2eyG1RnYsQTMb9A2LR/view?usp=sharing Thank you! You scared me big time! Bad ting without links is that eg. clock button 2 pcs... there are millions of clock buttons and to pick the right one with out a link.. well, almost impossible. Thanks again!