Edit: After I posted this the device has worked for 2 days. But still, the capasitors are they correct? @berkseo I have a wierd problem with the SHT20 sensor. It stops working after a few reads. Then the device hangs and goes into battery draining mode with atleast 8mA constant current. I have localized it to the SHT20, because if I comment out the init and read temp/humidity of the SHT20 the device boots up. The wierdest is that the SHT20 stops responding for quite some time, even if I power cycle the device, it is still not responding. Last night I had it running for 1 hour, powered with 3.3V directly. Turned power of, had some sleep, turned power on SHT20 not responding. Turned power of, played with the kids, 3 hours later turned power on, the SHT20 is now responding. Now it's been going for 20 minutes and is still responding. But I bet if I let it run, it will stop. I am fairly sure the SHT20 is soldered to the board correctly. I used reflow (heatgun) and solder paste was liquid and I could poke the SHT20 and it popped back automatically by surface tension. I have also tried to replace the SHT20, but the result is the same. the device when hung) Anything you recognize? I have not yet successfully been able to debug the device, if i compile with the MY_DEBUG active, the device does not come on and the led shines constantly and I'm not sure how to connect the FTDI, should Vcc on the SWD provide power or not? I have checked the capasitors C12, C13 and C14 since they have been talked about before and differ from the BOM list and the real board. C12 is 10uF C13 is 100uF (100uF is very big, only had a 1206 size, but I got it in place, will get 47uF 0805 for next iteration, waiting for a solder paste dispenser from China) C14 is 100nF