@monte said in Modular sketch to be configured with JSON (idea): Imagine you have base firmwares for most sensor types, or it can be generated with NodeManager. I don't see specific technical limitations to have this working. On the NodeManager side would be: Include in the sketch all the sensors you want, which is already there Have a logic to configure sensors remotely, which is mostly there through SensorConfiguration (https://github.com/mysensors/NodeManager/blob/master/sensors/SensorConfiguration.h). If then the configuration is through individual messages or json, it makes little difference. There might be some configuration settings missing since not all are available OTA Implement a logic for configuring only specific sensors. Shouldn't be that difficult, probably best is to have a enable/disable switch for each sensor (https://github.com/mysensors/NodeManager/issues/500), having all the sensors disabled by default and then dynamically enabling them Bottomline not something to put in place in a few minutes but all the building blocks are there. I do not have at this time spare cycle to spend unfortunately but feel free to start looking at it if you like. user2684 created this issue in mysensors/NodeManager open Add option to enable/disable a sensor dynamically and remotely #500