Radio ping feature request

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    In simple form a ping addressed to particular node by radio ID
    in more complex way - broadcast ping

    initiator sends ping, addressed node repliers

    additional feature - request could contain radio power indicator, the receiver will reply by setting radio to a particular power (something like (highest, high, standard, low, lowers - very like RF24 supports)
    this will allow to build a distance map

    I'm wondering on the two applications:

    1. to simply check connections status. Currently time request can be used for this in case if we need to check connection to the gateway, but there is no predefined way to check other nodes

    2. to monitor and analyse complex network. to create a network analyser
      I plan to setup a big network by using many gateways. I have no tool currently to find the best location for the additional gateways and no tool to find the best gateway for the particular sensor node. Same issue I think is exists with routing topology

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