OpenHAB 2.4 additional variable types & repeaters

  • I have weather station with light level, rain gauge (pulse), wind speed, and wind direction. I am not seeing a Wind V_DIRECTION variable type available for configuration.

    Is adding new variables mappings a relatively simple config change? Or would I need to make config + code changes to the mysensors binding src code, then rebuild the binding jar?

    I imagine it involves adding xml records and updating

    Any explicit settings needed for repeaters?

    Lastly, I have a couple of instances where I have two different variables on a single child ID. Node 29 Child 0 Variable V_WIND, Node 29 Child 0 Variable V_DIRECTION. I'll probably end up reflashing those nodes to split out variables to separate children, but my current controller allows it (mycontroller), I'm just wondering if it's even possible in openhab.

    I'm using an esp32 ethernet gateway.

    Any insight would be appreciated, thank you.

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