React on other MQTT messages possible?

  • Before installing a different automation solution, I wonder if it is possible to make MyController operate on non-MySensors MQTT messages? I am using the MiLight ESP8266 Gateway and would like to use a MiLight remote to control other things besides Milights and therefore want to use the messages that the ESP8266 will publish to MQTT to run scripts and things like that...?!


  • @velo17 If you use a controller that can take care of that.
    Eg node-red, home assistant

  • @electrik Yes, I called that "different automation solution" - I was wondering if the controller "MyController" can do that, so that I would not need to set up another one...

    The other way round I can send MQTT messages that MyController can handle (push them into a sensor variable of type Text for example) and then could try to work on the JSON in that string...which does not sound very smart or elegant.

  • I realised later that you were asking for this specific controller.
    I do not use it myself, but looking at their webpage it looks like what you want is possible.
    Still maybe you should consider other alternatives as node red, domoticz and home assistant, these are IMO the controllers with the most supported devices

  • @electrik: You may not know about FHEM, but afaik it's also a very good candidate for the champions-title on supporting "the highest number" of devices...
    (Velo17 already has FHEM on his list 😁 )

  • I will admit to not having any experience with the others mentioned, but I'm pretty sure OpenHAB has the most integrations of all? It was one of the reasons I chose it, after all.

    It is a kind of a big learning curve, I will admit. But now that I have a few things working on there, I feel like there is probably nothing that I could not integrate into it in one way or another.

  • Plugin Developer

    @Velo17 List of providers supported by MyController is

    You can extend your own or you can follow one of pre-defined. let me know if you need further assistant.

  • @trs-80 Imo it's not as easy as comparing (or even just counting) some fancy pictures to really make a judge on the "most integrations" issue 😀 .
    As a FHEM-user (without OpenHAB experience thouhg), I'd state there's at least three or four big systems missing (on the picture collection): HomeMatic / HomeMatic-IP, 1-Wire (it's more than DS18B20 😏 ) and EnOcean. All of them are supported by FHEM, and additionally a lot of "special" stuff (like RS485 protocolls and many others). To get an impression, the commandref is a good starting point). Additionally, there exist a lot more "innofficial" modules for whatever purpose...
    So in fact, I've seen quite a few people leaving FHEM in the past (it requires quite some familiarizon) and coming back to it, also from OpenHAB for it's flexibility. Also the level of comfort may vary from integration to integration.
    So I'd state, there's not THE nor perfect answer to the question which controller supports the highes number of integrations 😜

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