Can ethernet gateway also publish everything to MQTT?

  • I have a Raspberry Pi Zero W which has an ethernet gateway running on it. I went with the ethernet gateway as it said on the MQTT gateway page that no controller supports auto discovery of nodes when using an MQTT gateway. I'm using Home Assistant as my controller and this setup seems to work just fine. But now I would also like to get all events from my nodes published on my MQTT broker as I would like to gather everything in there also so I can use node red or something like that to further react to those events.
    So the question is, is it possible to make the ethernet gateway also kinda double up as an mqtt gateway?

    I could use MQTT gateway but I would really like to have the automatic discovery of the nodes working.

  • I am using a mqtt gateway with home assistant and that discovers all devices, though it is quite picky on the requirements of the sketch.
    If you follow the instructions that apply to home assistant and mysensors integration it will work

  • Ah, okay I have to try this out. I just decided to not do a MQTT gateway as the controller page said that no controller supports discovery with MQTT gateways

  • okay, but as I said be sure to check out the requirements for the sketches.


  • @electrik Looks like the discovery does work with MQTT gateway. Thanks a bunch, I got it working now

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