Looking for the smallest 3d positioning sensor

  • Hello everybody,

    My name is Popescu Adrian, I am a surgeon and a technology enthusiast and I have a couple of ideas that I want to develop. I’m looking to build a small device (probably 3d printed) that can be easily attached to different structures (or other devices - whose sizes and forms are known and can be taken out from a database), that has inside positioning sensors so that I can know how my other structures act in space. So I need probably 2-3 very small sensors that must have enough energy so they can work for 10 minutes and can be easily recharged in an electromagnetic field. They must send information regarding their position in space so that a software can recreate their movements in a virtual 3d space so I can know how my other structures act.
    Does/did any of you work with this kind of sensors? Where can I find a sensor like this?

  • @adhishor Hi, can you be more specific about the size you are looking for? Should they be as large as a palm of the hand or smaller?

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