MySensor 'Things' show as inactive daily after working for 24 hour period

  • I'm not sure how long this has been going on because I've been out of town but for a few weeks in the Mozilla WebThings Gateway my 'mysensors' suddenly appear as inactive, all of them (six). The 'weather addon is active and still works the whole time. To get they mysensors back all I have to do is reboot the webthings (PI) gateway and they all come back working. This setup has/had been working for almost a year. In the gateway logs the last messages I see are: 2020-06-18 03:39:06.759 INFO : getValue for property 7-0-1 for: TempHumFeelBat returning 49.9
    2020-06-18 03:39:06.764 INFO : getValue for property 7-1-0 for: TempHumFeelBat returning 73.94
    2020-06-18 03:39:06.766 INFO : getValue for property 7-2-0 for: TempHumFeelBat returning 73.91
    2020-06-18 06:45:38.231 INFO : getValue for property 3-0-0 for: Temperature Sensor returning 72
    2020-06-18 11:19:18.821 INFO : Starting certificate renewal.
    2020-06-18 11:19:18.834 INFO : Certificate not yet due for renewal.
    2020-06-18 11:19:26.413 INFO : Checking for add-on updates...
    2020-06-18 11:19:26.951 INFO : Finished updating add-ons

    It's almost like after check for updates it shut down. What other logs should I be looking at to help figure out what's going on. Oh, my Mozilla gateway code is on autoupdate, I'm on the latest version, 0.12.

  • Which (MySensors) gateway are you using?

  • It's a mysensor esp8266 wifi gateway to a rasp pi3+ mozilla webthings gateway running the mysensor plugin (and weather).

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