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  • Here are some alternative arduino boards that can be used for the wonderful pairing of arduino + nrf24l01.

    For sensor (arduino+nrf24l01 header) - Sensor Node by Elecrow,

    For gateway (arduino+ethernet+nrf24l01 header) - IBOARD by Iteadstudio,

    Please add any other hardware options you find and that make this project even simpler to implement.

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    dude....i wish id seen your post before! - i just "discovered" the same two boards! and posted above too

    I totally agree these do look ideal for what we are doing!

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    I just placed an order...
    Foca IM120525005 1 $6.50
    IBoard IM120410001 1 $17.50
    RBoard IM120618001 1 $19.50
    ITEAD Arduino Nano IO shield IM120417016 5 $25.00

    Now the waiting begins!

  • That's sound good 🙂
    But how long the CR2032 will powered the sensor ? .. because i use 2*AA battery on my pcbsensor and for the time being my sensor was power less than 2 months.

  • For an ethernet gateway, I have an Arduino MEGA 2560. Here is the pinout I have working:

    • MEGA *
    • ----------- Connection guide ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
    • 52 Radio & Ethernet SPI SCK
    • 50 Radio & Ethernet SPI MISO (SO)
    • 51 Radio & Ethernet SPI MOSI (SI)
    • 53 Ethernet SPI Slave Select (CS) Pin 53, the SS pin, must be an o/p to put SPI in master mode
    • 9 Radio TX LED using on board LED (optional) +5V -> LED -> 270-330 Ohm resistor -> pin 9. ********
    • 8 Radio RX LED (optional) +5V -> LED -> 270-330 Ohm resistor -> pin 8. ********
    • 7 Radio error LED (optional) +5V -> LED -> 270-330 Ohm resistor -> pin 7. ********
    • 6 Radio SPI Slave Select
    • 5 Radio Chip Enable (CE)
    • 3 Inclusion mode button (optional), 10K pull down to GND, button to VCC) ********
    • 2 Radio IRQ pin (optional), W5100 Int, if linked to pin 2) ********

    • Powering: both NRF24l01 radio and Ethernet(ENC28J60) uses 3.3V
      The ********* were just a visual reference for me on the "optional" pins since I was not using them in testing.

  • @gregl I know its been a year+ from your post, but I figured out a way around 'the waiting' ....I order stuff every few days from China that I might/probably will need for another upcoming project & that way have a series of things coming in over a couple of months. Sometimes they screw me up & deliver too fast, but I can live with that!!!!! Now I have a good inventory of 'cheap' items to draw from for projects and of course I continue to order.

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