How to create new icons for openhab ? (Solved)

  • Hello!

    I would like to create icons for openhab. For instance I want a motion detector icon.

    what I did is I created 2 icons files motion-open.png and motion-closed.png 32x32 that
    I put in the openhab/webapps/images directory

    Then in my items file I specify the <motion> option to tell I want to use this icon.
    These are the only information I found in the wiki.

    This does not seem to work.

    anything I should pay attention to so the app will display this icon ?

    many thanks

  • So it does work !

    I was not activating the item so the closed icon was not displayed on the screen. As soon as I was updating the state
    to open or closed the icon was here !!

    So it has to do with the fact that when the app starts the state of the item is not known and the system is unable to
    select the proper icon.

    So I added an other icon with no state this time "motion.png" this one is displayed on start up !!!.

    Several icons are needed :
    a generic one "myicon.png" to be used when the state is not known
    various icons "myicon-statex.png" to be used when the icon is in the x state


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