Newbie with arduino problems

  • I have athome a vera edge with a lot of sensors.

    now i wil tray to bild some things, and i found thise wonderfull site.
    I have order some componets to build a weather station.

    But i wil tray to understand what happens in the arduino file.
    I have instal the software for the arduino, and the file of the solar weather station out the build tap of this forum.

    Now i tray this; Serial.print("temperature"); with Serial.begin(9600); to see what happens,but i see strange characters in the serieel monitor of the arduino software. is this normale or do somthing wrong.
    by a test file works it good and see i good and excepet valuels.

    I hoop that you understand me, and sorry for my bad englisch.

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    @csnij said:

    but i see strange characters in the serieel monitor of the arduino

    make sure that your serial monitor is set to the same baud rate (9600) in your code

  • Hello bulldoglwell,

    thanks for your replay. but i have the baudrate at 9600 in the serial monitor.

    I have tray all baudrats and baudrate 115200 see i the valuels.
    i don't no why but it works

    I am happy.

    thanks for the help.

  • Did you flash the sketch with the correct speed setting for the MCU? Try to change it to 16 Mhz or 8 Mhz, if you already set the MCU to 16 Mhz before. If the frequency setting for the MCU is not correct this breaks the uart timing.

  • Oke,

    and how can i change this.
    I can't find it.


  • Just choose another Arduino board in the Arduino IDE. Pro Mini 5V 16 Mhz or Pro Mini 3.3V 8 Mhz.

  • 👍 thank you Jan Gatzke.