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  • Hi Guys,

    I'm from Melbourne, Australia and have been trolling the forums for a few months now. Have finally taken the plunge and brought a Vera lite and a bunch of Ardunio goodies to build my own network.

    From the front page i can see that My Sensors is tested and working on UI5. I'm not sure what UI my Vera will come with. Is My Sensors now compatible with UI6?

    Also one of the sensors i plan on making will be to control a 3rd party door lock. The door lock is a Lockwood Nexion Keyless lock. It comes with a remote however the remote uses a code hopping chip so it can't be emulated. I was planing on using the relay sketch across the unlock and lock button to give me the ability to lock and unlock form the Vera. Has anyone had any experience on this?

    Thanks in advance 🙂

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    Another Aussie! Good stuff!

    You should be able to roll your Vera back to 1.5.. how to on Micasaverde site.

    DO you plan on "hacking" the remote for this? or does the lock itself have terminals for an external button?

    Also what feedback mechanism is there ( to tell you if the door is locked or open )? You really need to know the state of locks reliably!

    Have a look at this thread: Here

  • Hey Greg! Good to see there are other Aussies on here.

    The Lock actually is quite stupid. It doesn't have the ability for you to tell if it is locked or unlocked. It just has 2 buttons (lock and unlock). Unfortunatly the back of the door doens't have anything in the way of LEDs to tell you if the door is locked or unlocked. Basically when you press the lock button it locks it.

    As much as i would like to be able to detect the state of the lock i would be just as happy to be able to control it form the controller and not know about the status. The only thing i can think of is to well and truly hack the lock and see if i can add in something to detect the state of the lock.

    Will have a read of the attached thread. If it looks like it is going to be too difficult i might just change it out for a zwave deadbolt...

  • After thinking about it and looking at the lock installation guide i think the best way to detect the lock status would be to create a battery powered door/window sensor. There looks to be plenty of space inside the lock to place a mini and i may be able to piggy back onto the door battery power.


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