Hello, I realize this is an old thread, but I'm hoping someone can help with the 'tweaks' mentioned above. I followed @blacey 's advise and contacted Vera support. So far they have basically told me to pound sand, stating they don't support third party plug-ins. They did ask for more info about the Motieno VID/PID combo that needs to be recognized though. I responded saying I am only asking for help getting my Vera Edge to recognize a USB device plugged into it and referred them to this thread. They have not responded for several days. Hopefully they will get back to me, but it isn't an encouraging start. They've been very good to me on other issues in the past. Any info on what needs to be changed to get Vera to recognize the Motieno device would be very helpful. As background, I've been running an Arduino Nano-based gateway for several years but my Vera periodically loses the serial port configurations. I've read that is likely due to the nano being a clone so I decided to upgrade to sensebender to tidy things up and hopefully improve reliability. I know I could add an ethernet board and be done with it, but I'd prefer to connect the gateway via serial port if I can get it to work. TIA