Any Webcam integration being worked on?

  • I am currently designing a home automation system and I would ultimately like to have the ability to take a picture of the room with my sensor in the event motion is detected. Possibly expand this to an active webcam as well.

    Also, since traffic will be increased in this regard it would also be nice if the sensors communicated in a mesh network. I'm dealing with 3 floors and I have a lot of dead spots. With a mesh network I could overcome those obstacles by letting each node act as a repeater.


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    I don't think the bitrate is high enough to transmit video streams. A relay control for the webcam (+ infrared sensor) should be doable though.

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    You can also look at real security cameras. I have a couple Hikvision cameras that support an "alarm input" which is used with external motion sensors to trigger the camera to record to a NAS. I use this with a nice PIR motion detector to avoid image analysis false positives. If you have a camera with an alarm input, you can use a relay to start recording, use MySensors to send a message out, and have an external process go to the NAS and grab the snapshots and/or video and do something with them. In my case, the Hikvision camera can also email me if I wanted that as well.

  • @ubotdude As Sparkman already said, well yeah~ 🙂
    The last camera metioned in the thread works very well. I too use a hcsr501 to detect motion and take a picture.

    The only limiting factor atm, is the transmitting speed limited by the MySensors library.
    I talked to TMRh20 and the nrf24l01+ itself can do much better as that.
    See also:

    Second problem: ATM there is no native implementation for image streams in the MySensors libs.

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    I believe that even if we were to optimize the throughput of the communication within the MySensors network, you would loose a lot of the benefits that the MySensors library provides, like the mesh network with relaying and routing of messages. But technically, it should be possible to do with a node that is in close proximity to a gateway (that does not have to relay any messages).

  • @Sparkman Thanks for the link. No I missed that one. I like what @Oitzu did in his camera project.

    Thanks everyone for the comments. Definitely gave me some thing to think about.

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