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  • hey guys. I suck at coding. and you guys have done all the work so this is great. but I was wondering if we could get an easy coder happening for the arduino.
    the way I see it working is a bunch of tick boxes and drop down menus. I could do up an excel version and screen shot it for you if you want.
    the items that drop down are:
    board used (mega, nano etc)
    sketches to use (dimmer, relay, remote etc) and if you want to use more than 1 you could and it combines the code
    than using your awesomeness the program shows what pins each wire goes to.
    there should be rules in there so that if a certain pin is needed (pwm, sca etc) these cannot change, but if for some reason I wanted to change a pin the "connector" is highlighted green, if I can't its highlighted red. and if I change a pin the code changes to suit it.

    I think its a huge task but it would make it much easier for the end user especially us noobs

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    I don't really think this will help a great many people. You need some kind of basic knowledge to even understand what you want to do with the arduino. Once you know that it's not that hard to program it with the amout of examples mysensors offers and how easy the basic parts of the arduino "language" are. If that doesn't help there is the the forum...

    But if you want to try building this it might be another easy way to into building stuff... and thats always great 😉

  • oh also it should have rules for i2c items as well. so you can hook up a few items to that line.
    and lastly and probably most difficult, is if the idea draws too much current than it should shoot of a warning.

  • thanks for the input samurai.
    I find the hardest thing for me is combining codes. so lets say I want a light dimmer and a switch (lets say for a fan) from one board I have no idea how to combine the 2 codes to do it. then comes the controller end which I would have to tell it how to flip the switch and turn the light on

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    Hmm.. I see a chicken and egg situation here 🙂 You say that you can't program, yet you want to make a new piece of software (for your pc), that can help ease the creation of arduino sketches.

    Well, then you need to code that new piece of software 🙂

    As @LastSamurai said, you'll need basic understanding on how things are working on the arduino in the first place. And then it's relatively easy to transform that knowledge into basic sketches (with the help of mysensor examples, google, and forums).

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    hi @freerpg - I too suck at programming and had the same idea as you did several years ago... im pretty sure i also asked on a forum if someone could create such a program....i got told similar to whats be said above...and so i got stuck in and learnt it....well enough to get me by.

    Have a go, and i bet in a few months you will look at this post and laugh....

    Heaps of people here and elsewhere can help...
    Actually... check out these vids for getting going with Arduino...awesome

    Good luck!

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