• Hi I just noticed that IKEA UTRUSTA is running 2,4GHz - 2,4835 GHz - just wondering if anyone have played with mysensors to control such an IKEA device if it's possible at all?


  • A few websites state this things are 433mhz, ikea itself states it is 2,4ghz. Would be interesting to crack open one of these things. 🙂

  • is the wireless reciever simply an on off switch?

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    @bjacobse According to this guy it contains a TI CC2500 transciever and MSP430G2221 microcontroller.
    This guy claims it suffers from WiFi interference.

    This remote control has a maximum range of 19.5 ft. when not blocked by walls and batteries are fully charged.
    Frequency range: 2400 MHz ~ 2483.5 MHz.

    is the old could be 433MHz and is obsolete from production

  • @Yveaux Hi ! I'm the guy from AlsaGeek. I confirm, CC2500 2.4GHz transceiver + MSP430G2221 microcontroler.

    CC2500 is a transmitter on the remote but it can work on both direction ! You can have a remote control that receive information.

    The MSP430 is programmable !!! You have 4 pins on the PCB (GND, VCC, RESET, TEST) and you can reprogram the remote control with MSP-EXP430G2 lauchpad kit. It works !

    But... MSP430G2221 only have 128 bytes of RAM. The CC2500 driver use a full duplex 64 bytes buffer, so it will not work. I made it work by reducing the buffer to 4 or 5 bytes ! Pretty small, but it works ! 😉

    I'm working on a "HowTo".

    Of course, you can change the MSP430 and put a bigger one. And of course, you can remove the MSP430 and connect an Arduino or any other SPI capable microcontroler.

    Have fun !
    Frederic from AlsaGeek, France.

  • @Blob Nice work, how is the how to guide going? I'm very interested to implement the IKEA Utrusta lighting in my home automation setup.

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