Problems getting a RFM69HW gateway to work in domoticz

  • Have anyone had any difficulties getting an gateway using RFM69HW radio to work in domoticz?

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    The radio driver shouldn't matter. Domoticz isn't aware of how data is transported.

  • Ok, any ideas of what my problem can be?

    I have tried using 3.3v mini pros+ RFM69H+W.
    I used serial monitor on both gateway and node and all seems to start up and send/recieve data.
    I have used MYScontroller and Gateway starts up and recieves data.
    I have flashed RFM gateway/node sketches from lowpowerlab and everything seems to transfer/recieve correctly.

    I have tried both stable and beta of domoticz and even formatted/reinstalled my rpi controller.
    I am using a powered usb-hub to connect to the gateways to the rpi.
    I have connected the mini pro gateway to the controller using both 3.3v ftdi clone and a genuine arduino ftdi 3.3v
    I have tried several versions of Arduino IDE from 1.6.6 to nightly.
    I have tried mysensors stable 1.5.1, beta 1.6 and beta 2.0
    I have both NRF01 gateway and Rf-link gateway connected and both works perfectly.

    But as soon as I connect a nano/mini pro with RFM radio it never works. A few times I get "gateway ready" and "gateway version 1.6-beta etc."
    Often when I get gateway ready and version to show up correctly, as soon as I start up a sensor with RFM radio I get 5-6 "gateway ready" and "gateway version 1.6-beta etc." repeats in the log.

    But most of the time I get only "gateway ready" and no verison id in the log. And under hardware I only get a "?" in the gateway version info.

    What can I do to troubleshoot my setup?

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    @Cliff-Karlsson said:

    I used serial monitor on both gateway and node and all seems to start up and send/recieve data.

    So, data from your sensors is received by gateway?

  • Yes If I use mysensors controller sketch on a mini pro with RFM69HW and a random sensor sketch on another mini pro + RFM69H I recieve data when the gateway is connected to the computer and I use the serial monitor in the arduino IDE.

    I have also tried the same thing with the lowpowerlab sketches and I also recieve data in that way.

  • Can it be something that domotics does not like that I connect 3.3v mini pro's using FTDI->USB adapters supplying 3.3v instead of 5v?
    I forgot to say that often when everything seams to detect correctly, as soon as I power up a sensor I often get some error in domotics complaining of "serial lost" or something like that.

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    Can you adjust the baud rate in domoticz for the serial connection?

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    Yeah, lowering baudrate could help.

  • In the beta it defaults to 115000 or something witch I believe is correct. It is also possible to change to 4800 baud /mini pro/sensbender or something like that. But I have never got anything to show up when changing that setting.

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    An arduino at 8 MHz will not be able to communicate reliably at 115200 bps with a computer over serial.

    38400 or perhaps 57600 at the highest should work.

  • i have used RFM69HW adapter on all the recent tries witch should be ok, right?
    I have also used 868Mhz antennas that I have got from ebay. Could faulty antennas cause something like that?

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    You'll also have to lower the baudrate in MyConfig.h before compiling/uploading the gateway. No need to touch the sensor node.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!, thank you!!!!!! It finally works. 38400 was the other selectable baudrate specified in domoticz and it started working rightaway after selecting the right settings.

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  • Hi Cliff, could you be so kind to share the full sketch with us? I'm also having trouble getting this RFM69HW to work.

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