Will MyNodes.NET work on a Raspi3 running under Windows 10 IoT?

  • Hi,

    is there any experience with Windows 10 IoT on a Raspi3 to drive MyNodes.NET?

    I wait for some ordered Arduino parts to build a sensor Network. I want to run the Controller on my Raspi3 with Windows IoT and connect the Arduino Nano Gateway by USB. Will that Installation work for MyNodes.NET?
    Windows IoT is already running on the Raspi3 :-)

    Thanks for every hint!

  • Contest Winner

    @Heiko Hello. I have not tried to port mynodes on Windows IoT. But you can install it on Linux and connect to the gateway via Ethernet.

  • @derwish Hi, thanks for your answer. My main task is to lern how to program Windows IoT and write Sketches with Visual Studio. So, Linux isn't an option. Maybe I will try your suggestion to make sure the hardware work as expected.

  • Hi Haiko,

    did you get .net and Mynodes on win10 iot to run?

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