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  • Mysensors is a great project!!
    However having built a few motion-sensors and a actuator (part of a building monitoring system), I encountered a missing function. With the master/slave concept used by Mysensors, one introduces 2 single point of failure, ie the gateway and the controller. So my question is how to set up a peer to peer connections between in my case, 1 or more motion sensors with 1or more actuators?
    Programmaticaly I know how to implement that, but that implies that I have to change the programme of each node.....which is from a maintenance/configuration management perspective a nightmare...

    Would it be an idea to extend the management function of the gateway with a function to set up a node to node (or many nodes) connection? I have more wishes, but this is my top priority wish😁

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    MySensors support sending node-to-node messages. See for an example. It would be possible to let the controller manage lists of nodes using V_TEXT messages (available in the development version of MySensors) or S_CUSTOM with V_VARx - but that would mean that the controller has to be available when requesting the configuration.

  • Thanks for the quick response!
    The ping-pong sketch is more or less the same as what I implemented.
    What do you mean by "that the controller has to be available when requesting the configuration"? At all times, or only once during the configuration of the nodes (which is not a problem) ?
    Great that the development version supports a function to support/enable remote configuration, I will look into it asap.

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    Only during (re)configuration of nodes.

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