VeraEdge & serial gateway

  • Hi,

    At the moment I am testing besides domoticz the new VeraEdge.
    Some problems occur on uploading a my sensors-sketch, but I posted this in another thread.

    After setting up most of the functions of Vera and connecting the controller to my existing devices like Philips Hue, I followed the instructions on my to integrate a serial USB-gateway into Vera. I uploaded the .xml an .json-files and also created a device.
    But, I can not see any USB device under apps/developer apps/serial port configuration. I started the VeraEdge several times after connecting the USB serial gateway.

    Vera tells me:
    MySensors plugin : Choose the Serial Port
    MySensors Plugin[20] : Running Lua Startup

    Could anyone help on integrating the gw in apps/dev apps/serial port configuration ?

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