Connecting my Husqvarna Automower to the world using MySensors...

  • I'd just love to see my new lawn mower, a Husqvarna Automower 420 to be able to exchange data with my Home Automation system (Which has a MySensors Gateway). I'd like to be able to read the status of the machine and to remote control it. It would also be nice to being able to set some parameters like the cutting schedule, cutting height etc. There is currently already a module sold by Husqvarna (Automower Connect) but it relies on GPRS communication (requires a SIM card), a paid service provided by HQ and it can AFAIK not be controlled by my Home Automation system.

    Some guys at [a french forum] (link has made some progress communicating with older models by embedding a router into the lawn mower. I'm hopeful that more people will be interested in this and that eventually someone with the right skills turns up.

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