Serial API 2.0 question for custom code

  • Hello,
    I'm creating a custom project and want it to be compatible with MySensors API.
    I have a following situation and do not understood what would be the correct way of communication between gateway and node:
    Node-0 <-gateway
    Node-1 <-temp sensor
    Node-10 <-temp sensor
    Node-50 <-relay node

    Temperature nodes are sending data to gateway and relay node.
    By example relay node are receiving temperature from Node-9:

    I want to send a 'set point' temperature from gateway to relay node, how this message should look like?
    0;9;1;1;45;22.00 ? (V_HVAC_SETPOINT_HEAT=45)
    Is it ok to send a temperature node-id in child-sendor-id place?

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