Feature Request: More graph options for Mixed sensor graph

  • Hello!

    I'm getting into MyController now and it looks really promising so far! So far I used Domoticz but my main needs are better statistics/graphs and MyController out of the box delivers better graphs.

    What I would really love to be able to do, is to specify more than 2 Y-axis to be able to combine more different graphs with better scaling. And even better would be to be able to define an individual interpolation type for each datarow.

    In my gardening application I currently have a sensor that delivers soil moisture, temperature, VCC voltage and a "level" value, that indicates how many watering cycles a given pump for this plant was triggered at a given time. Most of the time the sensor will deliver 0 for this cycles value as only 4 times in 24 hours the pumps will eventually run at all.

    So at the moment:

    My soil moisture gives an arbitrary value of 10000-20000 (this could be changed by my code of course to a different range, but as this will be the left axis anyway, that doesnt make a big difference)

    Temperature is 0-30

    VCC is 8-10

    Cycles is mostly 0, and sometimes in the range 1-10 (for this i would love to use the step interpolation, for all others the base or something else)

    I fear that the used API for the graphing only allows a max of 2 Y-axis and so this simply is too much to ask for - but maybe I am lucky and this only needs a little extra work?!

    Ah, forgot to ask: Is is possible to change the formatting/datatype that is used in the graphs? Im asking because for example my VCC comes as a float value with one decimal digit but in the graph this is always an integer and so I dont see much change there...

    Another enhancement would be if any graph widget could be quickly adjusted for the time being shown (for example by a listbox selection) - at the moment the whole widget has to be edited to change the x axis data source. Maybe mouse-selection ranging / zooming would be cool as well (as Domoticz user I miss these features here)

    Thank you for this nice piece of software already!

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