MQTT gateway on Raspi

  • I would like to test the interaction between the gateway on a Raspi and mosquito on a separate Raspi.
    Where resides the "gateway log" of the gateway on the Raspi?

  • I installed the MySensors gateway on Rasp3. I attached two clients, one on Nano and one on Mega.
    Both clients are incorporated into the radio network correctly. I have a simple "door" sketch on the clients. By closing a contact a simple message is transmitted. Using the gateway in debug mode before install shows that these messages arrive at the gateway correctly.

    After install I do not know how to see if messages are still arriving at the gateway.
    I assume this will be OK.
    Configuring MQTT gateway with IP-Address 172,0,0,1 and debug.
    Testing with two separate terminal sessions shows that mosquito is working OK. In Terminal window 1 type:
    mosquitto_sub -t -v rocnet/rs.

    In Terminal window 2 type:
    mosquitto_pub -d -t rocnet/rs -m "Hello from Terminal window 2!"

    The message pops up in the first terminal.

    Now closing the contact on a client should provoke the gateway to publish a message in topic rocnet/rs.
    No message pops up on the subscription terminal.

    I do not see where the Logfile of the gateway resides. So I am stuck debugging. Some body any idea how to proceed?

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