Default debug serial port

  • Is there a way to change the debug serial port in 2.1b code?

    In using a ARM M0, the serial port defaults to the USB port... I would like to reroute to Serial or Serial1


  • Hardware Contributor

    in MyHwSAMD.h
    you can try to change MY_SERIALDEVICE define
    you may also need to check the variant files in samd arduino files if sercom, serial and pins are ok.

  • Thanks... Unclear on why I did not see that when I looks for something like that...

    Made these changes... added issue 707 to development branch


    #define MY_SERIALDEVICE SerialUSB


    #define MY_SERIALDEVICE SerialUSB

  • Admin

    By setting MY_SERIALDEVICE you will reroute everything to the other serial port, not only debug messages.

  • @tbowmo thanks... works just as expected.....

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