OH2b5, little bug with ReqAck

  • I Try to move all my network to OH2. I install OH2b5 with OH2 binding and everything working almost fine but sometimes when a node is unconnected and ACK required for this node, i have this error (but sometimes everything works fine) :

    22:11:14.346 [ERROR] [rs.internal.protocol.MySensorsWriter] - (java.lang.IllegalStateException: Could not update state, because callback is missing) on writing from serial port, message: class org.openhab.binding.mysensors.internal.protocol.ip.MySensorsIpWriter

  • I juste find another bug. after few minutes, I didn't recieve any update from my node (everything is ok on another tcp connection).
    I just see this message

    22:28:07.641 [DEBUG] [al.protocol.ip.MySensorsIpConnection] - Bridge is connected, connection skipped

    After restarting OH2, everythings is ok for few minutes ...

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