RFM95 Soil Moisture Sensor

  • This is a work in progress! , but most everything works.

    It measures soil moisture from 1 to 4 sensors, has options for soil and air temperature.
    Support MCP9800 or Si7021 (humidity also) or Temp sensor in DS3231 for air temp
    DS18B20 for soil temp
    Support of a water pressure sensor via an analog port
    Has a DS3231 Real Time clock to wake up processor at designated hour
    Has support on the board for a flow meter (but no software in this code base)
    Uses a RocketScream Mini-Pro M0 CPU with an RFM95 radio
    Solar, battery Powered or via 8 to 28v AC or DC
    Sleep's most of the time and just wakes up to see if its time to send a report.
    (Board is designed to fit in a Hammond 1554 case)


    Sensor are made from plaster of paris (gypsum)


    Based on the work of: Reinier van der Lee, www.vanderleevineyard.com

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