Z-uno Gateway

  • Has anyone tried to make a Gateway on the z-uno module. It would be nice to connect a couple of temp/humidity sensors like DHT22 via NRF24L01.

    The idea of using z-uno is to connect it to a Fibaro HC2. As for now i have the z-uno connected with two wired DHT22 and that works fine.

    Tell me if it seems impossible. I know it strange to connect one wireless module on another.


  • Hardware Contributor

    This gateway has to remember all the sensors on the mysensors network. If you would add a new sensor, you would have to detach and reattach the Z-Uno from zWave network.

    I don't think you have enough memory on the Z-Uno to do such a gateway and AFAIK the sensor types supported on the Z-Uno are very limited.

    My solution for integrating different iot systems is mqtt with node-red. All systems have an adapter to a generic message structure and can be connected to all the others.

    I use a mix of homegear,/homematic mysensors, netatmo, zWave, owntracks, Alexa, imperihome, Sonoff...

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