just a experiences collecting( please all members share experiences and result)

  • hi everybody
    please share experiences about NRF in use long time. (NRF without pa+lna)

    1. how far (max distance) you could use without error ?(in open or close environment)
    2. until now , how many ( % ) of command or ack was fail ? (in max coverage distance)
    3. after 1 or 2 month , every days (without reset or any change ) you have a regular communication? (for example some time good,some time weak and some time failed)

    if this is hard for you for typing or you dont have time for answer please just write (for example : for 6 months for 10 meter with one 20cm wall i have 100% good connection without any failed in sent commands or receive ack)

    i have very search about NRF and i see many people have problem with NRF for more than some meter in close environment.

    also 2 questions i am sorry.
    first , for add a node , this is better for first connection , node be near gateway and controller , then change location of nodes until found a way for connect to gateway. this is true ? or it does not matter ! and after a reboot or power off/on node(far than gateway ) will be add again...

    second can we change wireless network with NRF ? instead of NRF we use ESP8266-12F (or ESP8266 series) module for connection. i search and i see ESP8266 module is better connection .

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