Make MySensor network nodes detectable/scanable

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    I am not sure if this is already possible in some way but if so controllers (domoticz and openhab 2) doesn't seem to do it yet.

    The idea is that other devices (like e.g. hues) can be instantly detected by controllers (by asking the bridge I guess?). I would love to see a similar feature for mysensors.
    At the moment I have to restart every node when using a new controller so that they represent themselves. As far as I know the gateway has to keep a list of nodes in the network anyways for routing purposes. Or at least has seen any node at one point.

    My idea would be to implement some kind of query that you can send to the gateway to make it return a list of all nodes on the network. That way one could connect the gateway to a new controller and instantly use every node in the network with that new controller (of course the controller has to support that feature).
    It doesn't seem to hard to implement and this is the one thing thats not super easy to use with mysensors (yet). At least in my experience.

    Is this already implemented somehow, or is there a technical reason why not?

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    @LastSamurai a MySensors gateway does not keep any state except the routing table. The routing table has no information about what the nodes are capable of. So asking it would yield very little information, at least with existing gateways. It cannot share what it doesn't know.

    But your use case is, as far as I know, supported by I_DISCOVER_REQUEST and I_DISCOVER_RESPONSE messages.

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    Ok, thank you!

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