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  • Hello,

    I am using a 4 channel relay and i want that relay to control a sunshade. For that, the switch should be a pulse. I modified the "relay actuator" build with these tips:

    It does work but the device does not update in my Vera. Any ideas / tips on how-to accomplish this?

  • Hey

    Did you resolve this? I have the exact same problem and when I did a Google search, this was the top result 🙂

  • Not really, as an alternative i used PLEG to toggle the switch back. But i still want to arrange this in a sketch.

  • What I do is use the relays as normal, so it goes on or off, and for control so it's like a pulse, I create a scene where when the switch is turned on, the scene turns it off a couple seconds later automatically.

    I have a couple relays connected to the panel in my garage. The relay only has to be on briefly so in my case the scene does the work for me and turns it off. I also have a sensor attached to the side of my garage doors which tell me if the door is open it closed, which is how I know what state the door is. I guess I could have played around with the sketch so the relay does all the work but I still wouldn't have a reliable status update as the relay still isn't going to know for sure if the door is open or closed, so I'd still need the secondary sensors on the side of the doors.

    Not sure if any of this helps, but thought I'd share it anyways!

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