MyController as a Data Logger

  • Hi everyone,

    I am new to MyController and My Sensors, but I have been working at it for a while and I have just got MyController up and running for a network of sensor nodes. I would like to configure it in such a way where I can log all sensor data as a time stamped in a .csv or some kind of similar database format. I am wondering if somebody can point me in the right direction or confirm in it is possible to do this with MyController? Is this something that can be accomplished with a python script? (if so, where might i go to learn more about those?) I have figured out how to log the raw data from the gateway itself, but i would like the functionally of MyController as well, to keep an eye on the nodes etc.

    Here are some more specifics of my sensor system:

    Goal: Create a data logger for 10 temperature sensors that will be spread out across a house. Data is being used for a research project, and will need to be in time stamped format so it can be analyzed in python programs in real time, or afterwards.

    Sensors: Currently one temperature sensor per node
    Nodes: Arduino pro mini with NRF24 radio module
    Gateway: Arduino Uno configured as a serial gateway
    Controller: Raspberry Pi 3 running MyController

    Thanks in advance!


  • Plugin Developer

    @jgrieco You may try log raw data from the gateway.

    This changes available in SNAPSHOT version

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