Idea: interface specific children types

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    Currently the MySensors nodes can present two types of children:

    • actuators
    • sensors

    What I want to propose is the creation of a third type: Interface children.

    These would be explicitly used to create user interfaces for the nodes. For example:

    • I have a field that holds the password for an SMS doorlock. Right now I use a text child, but it would be great if the interface of the controller could know that it should treat this field securely, and for example show asterisks when typing in the password.
    • On the same device I have a field where users can enter a phonenumber (so only certain phonenumbers can open the door). If the controller would know what type of data a field should hold, then it could add scripts to the interface that help the user add a valid phonenumber.
    • A generic slider. Right now I have a plant moisture sensor that will automatically water a plant if it reacher a certain threshold. I want the user to set that threshold through the controller interface, as each plant has a different level of moisture they like. Right now I create a 'dimmer' for each plant. But it would be nice if it could be purposefully set as a slider, because controllers portray dimmers as a smart light. (and yes, the controller could take care of this logic with some kind of rules, but I don't want to rely on it being up all the time.)
    • A dropdown menu where users can select one mode for the node to work in out of several. For example, a thermostat could operate in Power/Normal/Economy/Holiday modes.

    What do you think of this idea?

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