Idea: multiple virtual devices on one Arduino

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    Following up on the idea to create more UX-focussed children, I would also propose that MySensors devices could report multiple devices from one Arduino.

    For example, I have a plant sensor that has 6 moisture sensors and 6 dimmers that indicate the level at which each plant should be irrigated.

    Right now they are presented as one huge device with 12 children.

    It would be great to have more control over how these sensors are presented in the controller UX. To be able to say "Moisture 1 and Dimmer 1 belong together, and their UX elements should be joined together".

    One way of doing with would be to present the device as 6 separate devices, each having a moisture sensor and a dimmer.

    Currently the MySensors system assumes one node ID per radio.

    • I don't know if this is very hard, but could it be an idea to make this more flexible?
    • Could there be some other way of indicating to the controller how to automatically display children together that belong together?

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