There are several solutions for this kind of water reading but all are lacking something for my needs. I've been seeking for a solution which would combine best parts of different projects: accuracy of 0,125 litres by reading only 1 liter dial with 8 trigger points. Easy and this data would be sufficient combined with time stamps. ESP32-CAM as camera and server running the OCR would be a lot cheaper than raspberry system. Usually someone building these have the server and really I wouldn't have any other needs for the Raspberry. Also this could be integrated ESPHome etc.? So it would be out of the box type design for ie. Home Assistant... Possibility to define any IP web camera as source But I'm not any good at programming or coding... I'm not even sure if I describe my wishes correctly, please pardon me. Would I find someone interested enough to combine these three solutions? TL;DR water meter solution development request: 1 liter dial OCR with 8 trigger points ESP to server and server OCR software (prefer Ubuntu systems) MQTT publish and/or Home assistant compatibility via ESPhome or similar systems? Willing to throw in a coffee/beer or two for this matter... Regards, Matti