Node personalizer sketch seems broken in MySensors 2.3.1

  • Hi,

    My node personalizer is running fine as always if I use the 2.3.0 version of the library.
    However, when upgrading the library to the latest 2.3.1, it doesn't compile anymore.

    home/xxx/node-personaliser-signing/node-personaliser-signing.ino: In function 'void write_eeprom_checksum()':
    node-personaliser-signing:524: error: 'signerSha256Init' was not declared in this scope
    node-personaliser-signing:526: error: 'signerSha256Update' was not declared in this scope
         signerSha256Update(buffer, 32);
    node-personaliser-signing:531: error: 'signerSha256Final' was not declared in this scope
         hash = signerSha256Final();
    exit status 1
    'signerSha256Init' was not declared in this scope

    Going back to version 2.3.0 overcomes the issue, but I guess it should be solved in 2.3.1, right?

  • Contest Winner

    @joaoabs thanks for reporting.
    @tekka something related to your crypto hal refactoring?

  • Admin

    Bingo! This is a backwards incompatibility 😤 - thanks for reporting!

    @joaoabs You should be able to fix this by using the SecurityPersonalizer example from the 2.3.1 lib and copy/paste the settings section from your current sketch to the example sketch.
    @Anticimex issue originates from replacing all signerSHA256xyz() functions in the cryptoHAL

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