💬 MySensors InCan double light switch

  • I would really want to try and build this, but I don't have a clue how to get started. I'm not afraid to solder the pieces to the board, but I have never ordered a board before. Where should I go, and what files do I need?

    I check pcbaway, but the site is pretty overwhelming for me 🙂

  • I think I am one step further now. For Seeed Studio, I renamed the files (see below). I am not sure though about the "edge cuts". But when I check the viewer in Seeed Studio, I guess the PCB looks okay, except that I am missing one DRL file. The -NPTH.DRL is not used for the design. Is this normal?

    I renamed the files to this:


    Gerber viewer looks like this:

    alt text

    So where is MySensors_InCan-NPTH.DRL ??

  • @rolandow
    DRL files contains information about drilling holes in PCB.
    There can be 2 types of holes at PCB:

    • Plated Through Hole is a hole that has been plated and connects the top layer of the board with the bottom layer. This is in file -PTH.DRL
    • Non Plated Through Hole is just hole. This is in file -NPTH.DRL

    In this project ALL holes are PTH type, so file -NPTH is just empty.

    I never ordered PCB in China, but i'm pretty sure that you can simply upload the same ZIP file with all Gerber files that you downloaded from openhardware.io and they will accept it. There are no need for renaming files.

  • Thank you for your reply. I did rename the files, and then I could view the design. I do understand now why the other drill file wasn't selected. I ordered 10 pieces and am very excited about it.

    Another thing I was wondering; could I leave out 1 relay if I only need one? I only have single switches at the moment. Even if I'd install double switches, the second switch would probably be a 'virtual' switch that isn't connected to a relay anyways.

    Great project!

  • Obviously you can skip one relay.
    If you skip relay REL2 you can also skip D2,T2,R3,R4.
    If you skip relay REL1 you can skip D1,T1,R1,R2

  • Hey. I also started to build this radio switch. I have issues with the Atmega firmware. The fuses shown in the description are designed for an external crystal oscillator. Tell me, what are the best fuses to write?

  • @андрей-лезьёв Yes, You are right. I fixed the mistake in the description.
    Valid values are: low_fuses=0xE2 high_fuses=0xD2 extended_fuses=0x06