433mhz chinese burglar alarm and openHAB

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    Hi everyone. I have an anti-theft with sensors to open doors and pans, activated by remote control 4 buttons. Everything works in radiofrequency at 433mhz. I would like to integrate it with openHAB. I tried to use an arduino nano and an RF receiver and I can read the sensors and the remote controls that, if activated, send a decimal code like XXXXYY, where XXXX indicates the sensor id and YY the reading data. I have not yet figured out how to integrate everything with openHAB, I could continue with arduino or nodemcu to pass data either via serial or through mqtt. But I would not want to do a job that someone has already done before me and that maybe shared. Can MySensors help me? I tried to take a look and I think I understand that it is libraries for arduino, I installed them and I'm taking a look at the examples. But even here I would not like to invent hot water again .....

    From which example of Arduino should I start to create a serial or mqtt gateway?

    Thanks for your attention and congratulations for the excellent work done!

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    You can use MySensors for this.

    You can try the 433 signal detector/replayer I created.

    So that would be:

    433 devices -> MySensors 433 Hub -> MySensors gateway -> MQTT -> OpenHab

    The most common case is people using the Raspberry Pi gateway.

  • I am not using OpenHAB but Domoticz.
    But I think, that RFLink or RFXCom will help you with OpenHAB top.

  • thank you very much, I see you study some documentation, bye

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