LCD Node scanner

  • Attempt to build a independent LCD Node Sniffer / Scanner
    For easy debugging of just for fun ... (Still in progress)


    If there's animo let me know (before I put time into the fritzing)

    This is how I connected the LCD true a PCA8574 I/O expander chip to the Arduino
    using the I2C bus (A4 & A5).


    If having trouble I made a little sketch for searching for adressen on the i2C bus

    The heart of the project ... the code 👍
    It's not finished at all, but feel free to comment me and make / share changes to it.

    ----> v 1.1 <---- Keep an eye on this number for updates.

  • Well ... I give up ...

    For however wants to finish or troubleshoot de code ...

    -- The floor is yours --

    I'm having beside the code a serious problem here with my hardware and I can't figure out what's wrong here ...
    For example : if verifying or compiling the code almost 6 of 10 times OSX reboots so I lost the last peace of code every time (yeah I know, I do safe before compile now, but it still is VERY annoying), found out on google I'm not the only one, but no solutions so far...

    On the other hand I might have a Arduino ghost in my system 😮
    For unexplainable reason if I upload the same code, randomly I get strange errors and every time it's something else (???)

    More strange : if got a part working and going to sleep, turn everything off...
    The next day I'll get the most strange differend errors, changes in behave from nodes,
    gateways and nodes who dit work the day before, just don't respond anymore no reaction from gateway no LED blink nothing, while in the serial console from the node everything looks ok, even got 'anwsers back' responding with 'ok' while the gateway even didn't blink.

    a few times clearing the eeproms and reload the code Is the only solution to get a reaction.
    This is sinds a few weeks, and I hope I'm not the only one, or else I hope I find out what the problem is ... it starded a few weeks ago with a working gateway when the gateway and or de controller software didn't respond on 'new' or sketch updated nodes...

    For today ... I'll trow my iMac out of the window ...
    Just kidding 😉

    But I'm gonna start over cleaning up everything starting with re-install OSX

    See you all in ... euhm ... dunno ... days, weeks, months ?

    Ow .. here is the for the moment last code
    where I get with every diff. node some diff. errors.
    V 1.2 RF24Scanner.ino

    I hope someone can make something usefull from it, or start from scratch

  • @johnny-b-good do NOT give up please 😄
    This is very interesting, I'll try to study your code. It would be very useful if I could list all RF24 devices registered in the network on the same channel. I assume (as did not read your code yet) you're only listing the nodes transmitting to the scanner. I'll have a look to this by all means! Thank you.

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