Drawbacks to using a pro mini as a serial gateway?

  • Hi,

    I am planing on using a pro mini as a serial gateway (to connect to my raspberry pi)

    I saw in the serial gateway sketch, that it runs on a lower baud rate when run on a pro mini. Does that mean that messages will appear later on raspberry? Are there other drawbacks?

    And is it correct that I simply connect rx/TX from the pro mini to tx/rx on the pi and that's it? Plus power and gnd, of course.

  • @kiesel the pro Mini is the same chip as an Arduino nano, so the speed will be the same for both

  • @electrik

    Thanks. So why the reduced baud rate than? Sorry, this is probably a noob question.

  • Maybe the clock frequency is different. So 8mhz instead of 16mhz for the nano.
    But I remember you can still run at the same baud rate.
    I don't think it will make a big difference anyway unless your sending lots of data.
    If the baudrate is 9600, 10 characters will take 10ms to transfer.

  • @electrik

    Ah, I see there are Nanos with 8mhz and 16mhz, that's why I thought the baud rate of 34800 was specifically for the pro mini.

    Do you know whether I just have to hook up TX and rx, power and gnd to the pi or whether I need something else? I am having trouble finding a description of how to do it without USB.

  • No just the Rx, TX and power should be enough.

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