How to workaround a dead Gateway.

  • I've be working on a my DIY HVAC system for my shop for a couple of years and I'm currently using a ESP8266 for my GW with great success for over a year. Because the heater in the system is a water based solar panel if the sun is out and the water pump doesn't come on I can see temps in the solar panel raise to well over 160° F in no time. This is a real problem!

    The other day the GW went on a walkabout to never never land and the Arduino Mega running the solar heater rebooted. The issue is the Mega just sat there waiting for the GW to come back online before it would go about doing it's real job of controlling the solar water heater.

    Is there a way that if the GW is offline the sensors will continue to boot/work and from time to time check back in to see if the GW has returned from where every it wandered off to?

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    @RWoerz yes it can be done. It is a bit tricky though, because there are so many different scenarios to cover.

    Search the forum for MY_TRANSPORT_WAIT_READY_MS to see some discussions on how it can be used.

    MY_PASSIVE_NODE can also be useful

  • Thanks for the quick reply. I'll have a look.

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